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Signs it’s Time to Move to the Cloud

Does your company suffer from the following pain points with your current management system? If so, it’s time to consider moving to the cloud.


1. You don’t know how old your system is

Your system hasn’t received new updates in quite some time, and you’re honestly not sure what your support systems are anymore. Your vendor has turned its attention elsewhere and is making investments in newer and more current software strategies.

Solution: move in the direction that the industry and your peers are moving in. More and more companies like yours are moving to the cloud because that’s where software publishers are making investments and keeping customers up to date.


2. End users are complaining about limited access to data

Your company data is locked into a local access-only solution and you can’t access it easily when traveling or away from the office. With reduced access to your information, projects are falling behind schedule.

Solution: with cloud: you get native web access to your data wherever an internet connection is available.


3. You just received another invoice for your current system

Whether it’s your annual maintenance, an invoice from a vendor for a new backup device or the time it takes your own IT staff to troubleshoot your network, you really don’t know how much that legacy system is costing you.

Solution: with a cloud-based system in place, your company will no longer need to spend money. Reassign your valuable IT resources to other high priority functional areas of the company and use your recovered funds to make new financial investments.


4. You recently experienced a hard drive failure and lost critical data

You might not have the human capital resources to invest in or routinely test your backup and recovery devices. To complicate things, you may not have the time to monitor your backup processes. As a result, you could be one hard drive failure away from losing very important business information.

Solution: with a cloud solution, you won’t have to worry about your disaster recovery process and backup routines. These safeguards are included in your Cloud subscription and are monitored by a team of IT experts to keep your business running smoothly. Files are also securely stored and backed up in Cloud data centres so your information stays safe.


5. Your current system doesn’t scale to meet your growth needs

You have set up a new office or acquired a company and realized it will take longer than expected to consolidate your system

Solution: cloud software is equipped for scalability and reduced hardware costs. Since Cloud software is flexible, it adjusts and provides additional resources to handle any scalability requirements in your business. You can purchase the necessary scalability without having to buy additional hardware.


6. You have an international workforce that isn’t connected to your system

Since your system is housed locally, your global employees have to handle things manually and outside of your system, including overnighting their expense reports and timesheets. Ultimately you lack an efficient way to manage your global operations because your solution isn’t available to your world-wide employees.

Solution: With a Cloud system in place, you can connect all your employees within one system and provide secure access to everyone that needs it, regardless of their location.


7. You have come to the realisation that you are not an expert at maintaining a system

Lacking expert maintenance skills, you feel as though you are not in control of your environment or the associated system costs.

Solution: You are an expert at building relationships with your clients and partners, delivering projects through your project teams and managing a successful business. Why waste valuable time and money owning and maintaining a solution – from end users to disaster recovery – when experts are available that can do it for you in a more affordable and predictable manner? Cloud solutions take the burden of maintaining the software off of you so that you can focus on doing what you do best – winning and delivering projects to your clients.


Could your business benefit from a more comprehensive, end-to-end view of performance, productivity and processes? The warning signs all point towards the Cloud. To learn more about how you can fine tune efficiency and capability within your business, discover how Management for Design can help you harness the Cloud by contacting our Head of Business Systems, Callum Bruce, at

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