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Business Conditions Survey 2016 Results

What are the major issues facing Australian businesses in 2017?

The Australian economy is forecast to gradually strengthen towards 3% in 2017 as we transition to broader-based drivers of growth in the non-resource sector, aided by dollar depreciation and a steady increase in household consumption. Further falls in the rate of unemployment are not expected to generate strong inflationary pressures.

Key points from the recent Management for Design Business Conditions Survey include:

  • 90% of respondents expect an increase in business in the next 12 months!
  • Many respondents believe that their key business priority is improving operational performance — businesses are striving to maintain high profit margins in an increasingly tight labour market and uncertain economic circumstances.
  • Refining business operations and improving leadership capability will be the key drivers of improving business performance.
  • Salaries are still expected to increase in 2017 with 60% of businesses expecting an upward trend (although this is down on last year).


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Business Conditions Survey 2016


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