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Why Successful Architecture, Engineering and Design Firms Outsource

Knowing where your business stands financially, at any given time, is a crucial business function of successful engineering, design or project-based firms—which is precisely why some savvy firms simply hire someone to accurately tell them.

However, for those of you that are still doing it in house, you’re likely managing a resource you don’t have the expertise for, rather than focusing on your core business. In fact, outsourcing accounting and finance tasks is one of the most effective ways to make your business deliver greater efficiencies.

By outsourcing your accounting function to a specialist service partner, your business can focus its attention on other key areas that directly impact its profitability. This will free you up to lead with confidence in a competitive market, with the knowledge your finances are in safe hands.


The language of business is accounting and unless you’re well versed in it, you shouldn’t be dabbling!


The Benefits of Outsourcing

In an environment where every dollar has a place and purpose, outsourced accounting and finance can help your firm cohesively manage the bottom line. Time and cost savings are normally the main reason firms outsource, however there are many other advantages.


1.  Sharper focus on core business activities and strategies

Outsourcing non-core business functions means firms can devote more of their people and resources to the core mission. This is especially important in small businesses, who may have more limited resources than their larger competitors. By freeing the business from handling accounting and finance in-house, firms will be less distracted by back-end office functions. For engineers and architects, outsourcing can help renew their enthusiasm in their work. Few people start businesses because they’re looking forward to crunching numbers in Xero, but it’s a task many find eating up their time. By outsourcing, firms get more time to spend on the aspects of their business that they’re most passionate about, allowing them to develop new ideas and find better ways to do business.


2. Access to high level technical resources, knowledge and financial management

There are times when the geographical location of a firm doesn’t allow for access to the best accounts personnel. However, the outsourcing model puts an end to such difficulties. If the service provider is in a city or a country that regularly produces some of the finest financial minds, then that talent pool can be tapped effectively. The client can then have highly qualified accountants looking after the books. Quality of accounting and finance is then assured to be error-free.


3. Continuity of service, flexibility and scalability

By selecting a specialist accounting and finance partner, you benefit from a solution that is customized to your requirements. They can scale accounting and financial processes up or down, much more rapidly than you’d be able to do inhouse. With outsourced accounting and finance, increasing or reducing service is merely a matter of getting in touch with your partner and outlining your needs—much easier than making tough decisions about your internal workforce and cheaper than paying huge compensations.


4. Cost savings for larger firms and affordability for smaller firms

Outsourcing accounting and finance activities to a specialist service partner can help firms save money. Hiring accountants can be expensive, especially for smaller businesses with minimal personnel. Not only do you have to pay them a salary, but you also have to provide them with benefits, and cover payroll taxes. Accounting and finance employees also require workspaces, and the appropriate hardware and software. By outsourcing the work, you avoid having to worry about any of these additional costs.


5. Independent and objective advice

Financial reports play a key role in business decision making, but as most firms tend to focus on the operational side of their business, the accounting and finance function may take a back-seat. In fact, most firms review their performance only when year-end financial reports are being devised. From budget cash flow projections, to management accounts, an outsourced professional accounting firm provides all the financial reports on a timely basis, making it easier for every firm to make the right financial decisions.


6. Certainty regarding up-to-date commercial and financial knowledge

Outsourcing your accounting operations keeps you up-to-date with the global trends in the industry. It gives you access to the latest tools, which can help you to assess your firm’s past financial performance, as well as to predict its future as well.


7. Data-driven analysis to guide decision-making anytime and anywhere

As in every other field, technology is making an impact in the accounting sphere as well. Most architecture, engineering and design firms can’t be expected to be completely aware of all the new software and applications that are available in the market—and which ones are actually suitable for their business. Many of the tools are also simply too expensive to purchase. However, a specialist service partner is willing to invest in this technology, knowing which ones are right for what kinds of business. They find it profitable to invest in a whole line of new tools, because they are servicing different clients with different needs. By outsourcing to a specialist service partner, your firm will gain access to professionals using the latest financial services software. This results in more accurate and accessible work, and more organised records and documentation. This improvement in service can then help firms get a tighter grip on managing finances and be better prepared for potential audits.


M4D Provides Full-Scope Accounting Services

Management For Design takes pride in being a strategic business partner for our clients, including sitting side-by-side with them in critical business meetings. “It feels very much like being part of our client’s business, rather than being an external consultant of an accounting firm” says M4D director, Gordana Milosevska.

As a specialist service partner, our experience with financial and business operations brings value to your firm beyond day-to-day accounting tasks. We support architects, engineers and designers, in the following ways:


  • We are industry experts who are knowledgeable in performing industry-proven accounting and finances activities.
  • Financial Controller and CFO level support and insight, for meetings with your leadership teams and boards of directors.
  • Financial and managerial reports, produced both on-demand and at regular reporting intervals.
  • On-site or remote support on a part-time, full-time, or project basis, to meet your firm’s needs.
  • A fully integrated accounting and financial management system, powered by industry leading software.


Gordana is a Director and Owner of Management for Design and devotes her valued skills assisting clients to build successful and sustainable businesses that enrich the built environment by setting them free to focus on what they do best. With over two decades of broad experience in accounting and financial management, in a range of industries, including design, hospitality, retail and security and investigation; Gordana’s areas of expertise encompass accounting, financial strategy and control, business performance analysis and reporting. If you’re seeking a pathway for your businesses to attain financial stability and sustainable growth contact Gordana at

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