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Management for Design Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan

Management for Design is actively monitoring the status of COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the impact on our clients, our business, our people, and the community.

Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) sets out how we will maintain business operations in the event of a major event or disruption. In addition to policies already in place, we are taking added steps to safeguard the health of our people and our clients as the situation escalates.

In the current environment, our BCP, values, OH&S policies, working from home policies, and information systems are our guiding principles.


We continue to monitor the situation with advice from reputable health bodies and government authorities.
Our response plan is designed to minimise disruption while ensuring we maintain the highest level of client care and service.
  • General health and wellbeing: Under our OH&S policies, we encourage our people to maintain safe work environments and practices to protect their health and wellbeing, with added hygiene provisions to minimise the spread of the virus.
  • Travel: all non-essential domestic and international business travel has been postponed until further notice, to minimise risk and exposure to our people, clients, and communities. We will review and update this policy following further guidance from authorities. We have also advised our people to exercise caution regarding personal domestic travel, with policies and procedures to minimise the spread of the virus.
  • Self-quarantine: Any of our people identified as ‘at risk’ under the conditions put forth by the relevant authorities will be asked to self-quarantine for the recommended period. Personnel experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, as guided by the relevant authorities, are required to stay at home and seek medical advice.
  • On-site presence: We have alternative solutions to enable all our people to service our clients’ requirements, no matter where they are based. Similarly, we respect the requirements of our clients concerning our presence in their studios and will implement alternative ways to continue to deliver services and meet business needs as requested.
  • Business continuity and technology: Our BCP, values and supporting policies guide our continued operations, with existing technologies, access, and processes to connect our people and clients anywhere, at any time. In the event we cannot do this face to face or from our offices or those of our clients, we have the technology to continue to work with you and our people as outlined above to provide the services you need.


We hold client relationships and the support we provide in the highest regard.

Please be reassured that our services will continue as required (and allowed). We are prepared and ready to provide the additional and necessary support your business may require moving forward in this difficult and challenging environment.

Quality advice is more valuable now than ever before

We will be in touch with you to discuss the many questions you no doubt have as we head into these uncertain times. To assist you, we’re also putting together strategies to help with your own business continuity, including further information on the government’s stimulus package.

Also please continue to email and phone us, we will be here to help you!

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