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Business Management Systems and the ‘Cloud’ (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In a SaaS environment applications are hosted by a service provider (cloud infrastructure) and made available to clients over a network, typically the Internet.

SaaS is becoming an increasingly prevalent delivery model as underlying technologies that support web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) mature and new developmental approaches become popular.



Regardless of the size of your practice, you want a connected organisation with visibility across and control throughout.

You could tie together narrow stand-alone systems across sales, client, projects, resources and finance, but such a patchwork of systems means inefficient processes, unreliable data, and costly, cumbersome administration.

Our comprehensive integrated Business Management System enables design and project related businesses to tie everything together and eliminate both heavy up-front investments in costly infrastructure, and the on-going expense of personnel to maintain it.

We allow our clients to have the same technology advantage as larger organisations without the same overhead.

Through cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) our Business Management System provides the visibility, control and insight your business needs, without the drain on resources, the hassles of on-site infrastructure, and the headaches of on-going maintenance.


The Cloud

Cloud-based solutions are deployed in a secure environment and accessed through the web. Solutions in the cloud are accessible from anywhere, highly secure, and always up-to-date. Users’ access is similar to software you’ve deployed inside your business. Best of all, the solution is managed for you, so you avoid the hassles of hardware, software updates, data back-ups, and security monitoring.


Easy, simple, secure

You don’t have to stay attached to out-dated tools or adapt to something that just doesn’t fit. Inefficient, manual and narrow independent tools lead to errors, stifle growth and disconnect both people and information.

Our Business Management System delivers the crucial tools you need in a solution that’s simple to implement and secure to access, no matter where you are.



The essence of our business is that we form long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers to enable our clients to control, build and sustain successful and innovative businesses.

We utilise the Deltek Vision ERP solution as our platform to integrate client management, project and resource management, financial management and control, business performance dashboards, analytics, electronic invoicing, advanced reporting and benchmarking.



Acquiring large-scale software applications is disruptive for organisations of any size, bringing arduous capital budgeting, resource-intensive readiness of servers and infrastructure, as well as cash intensive implementations.

Our Business Management System eliminates the purchasing hassles typical of most comprehensive business solutions, is cash-flow friendly and avoids up-front capital investment.


Best Practice

The Deltek Vision ERP system is used by over 10,000 design businesses and Management for Design has developed specific modules to enable us to deliver the best practice model, with proven capabilities to connect your entire business with flexibility, and to easily add other modules as you need them.



Because there’s no infrastructure to purchase or prepare our Business Management System is immediately available, avoiding the long preparation phase found in most on-site deployments. It doesn’t divert the attention of scarce IT resources or dampen the enthusiasm of an eager organisation.


Simple to manage

Managing a comprehensive Business Management System typically means you need skilled experts to maintain the infrastructure; backing up data, ensuring security, installing patches, and managing upgrades. This effort sacrifices IT’s focus on more important work, and stretches the expertise of scarce and overworked resources.

Our Business Management System is in the cloud, so you eliminate your up-front costs and maintenance responsibilities, whilst receiving a higher quality of service than you can ask of your own IT team.

Our singular focus is on the maintenance and support of your crucial Business Management Solutions, making your ownership practically ‘hands free’. Alongside our partners we work to keep our systems current with the latest
version updates, monitor security, create back-ups, and even upgrade the underlying infrastructure.

Flexible licensing also means you’re not boxed in by rigid tools, and you can make changes whenever you need to.

Our Business Management System is the most flexible management system available to professional services firms – in the cloud.

If necessary, you can modify views, build custom reports, or adapt work-flow, before you ‘go live’, or at any time thereafter.

You’re also not pinned down by inflexible licensing that forces you to take on more seats than you need, or more capabilities than you want, just to hedge against future growth.

Flexible subscriptions let you choose, add and remove users as your business changes, and expand with additional modules when you’re ready.



Entrusting your growing professional services operation to the cloud doesn’t mean putting your business data at risk.

Our unwavering commitment to support and security makes our Business Management System available any time to anyone in your firm who needs it, and keeps your information safe from anyone who shouldn’t have it.

Our cloud-based data-centre assures a level of accessibility and security that any on-site IT department would be hard pressed to match.



Secure access is direct through any basic internet connection. There is no need for your users to work with a cumbersome or occasionally blocked VPN. Redundant servers, automatic fail-over, and multiple forms of back-up power enable an ‘always on’ environment that is there when you need it.

Constant monitoring is perpetually on the lookout for potential issues, and our personnel are available to quickly resolve any problems.


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