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Business Conditions Survey

Business Conditions Survey 2015 Results

What are the major issues facing Australian businesses in 2016?

Fluctuation in the local economy and inconsistent global performance
continues to be an issue for Australian firms. A potential slowdown
continues to loom, emerging markets and capital markets are
unpredictable, causing continued uncertainty in the business landscape for
the year ahead. Competition and investment from overseas is having an
increasing impact on Australian businesses with economic and legislative
implications that will be interesting to follow in 2016.


Key points from the recent Management for Design Business Conditions Survey include:

  • A full 100% of respondents expect that their businesses will
    experience growth over the coming 12 months!
  • Many respondents believe that a key business issue is leadership in
    the business — leaders having to deal with an increasing workload
    and attracting talent to deliver this.
  • Refining business operations and improving business development
    capabilities will be key drivers for the year going forward.
  • The majority of businesses look set to increase salaries in 2016
    with 82% of businesses expecting an upward trend in salary levels.
  • The majority of businesses (73%) expect to increase their business
    investment to help grow in the next 2 years.


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