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Business Conditions Survey

Business Conditions Survey 2018 Results

According to our recent Annual Business Conditions Survey, Australian businesses in the Architecture, Engineering, and Built Environment Sector have an increased level of uncertainty. However, there is only a slight reduction in confidence levels from 12 months ago, as our respondents continue to remain optimistic moving forward. Have we turned a corner and we don’t know where that road is heading? Not according to our respondents (or not yet!)

Key insights from this year’s survey include: 

  • After years of continuous increasing revenues, there is only a minor tapering
    in growth expectations for businesses in our industry
  • The overwhelming majority of our respondents are still expecting to improve their business performance over the next 3 years
  • Two-thirds of our respondents are still expecting to have a skills shortage moving forward

If you would like to look at the full report and results, please click here.

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