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Case Study

Finance and Accounting Client

Our client is an architecture, interior design, urban design and planning practice located in Melbourne and Sydney, with over 120 people.

Our client has grown over recent times to a number of distinct businesses with more than 20 Directors servicing clients across Australia, into Asia, and across Europe.

Each of the businesses specialises in a particular design discipline which is each run by top industry professionals that  throw their energy and expertise into building their businesses. Meanwhile, the day to day business activities are managed by Management for Design, who look after the myriad of things that underpin the smooth operation of each business.

This enables the business principals access to high-level data and sophisticated strategic tools for analysing trends and making forecasts, which is invaluable in terms of risk management. As a result,  they can set feasible objectives in terms of performance, turnover and profit. They’re also able to make the most of boom times while anticipating and planning for dips in the cycle.

Our client has consistently delivered outstanding business performance and year on year growth, with exceptional sustained profitability – well above industry benchmarks

“We pride ourselves on focussing on our core capabilities of design, client relationships and delivering our work to best of our ability and we can maximise our contribution. We believe this is how we can maximise the performance of the business.”

“We have engaged with Management for Design to provide expertise in those areas that aren’t our core expertise – finance and accounting, IT, business management and business systems. And the benefits of this is that we can utilise this expertise as required – wherever and whenever. They are always available when we need them”

 “Management for Design has a fantastic client focused culture, which is positive and constructive, where nothing’s a problem. It’s a pleasure to deal with them”’


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