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Case Study

Communications Client

Our client is a full-service architectural practice based in Manly, NSW, specialising in contemporary, ecologically sustainable design.

Our client wanted help to attract clients who aligned with their community-build attitude. Previously, they would spend time communicating to prospective clients who would struggle to see the worth of their unique approach, resulting in time and resources committed to prospects that did not match their ethos and design principles.

To overcome these issues, Management for Design (M4D) provided a detailed communication strategy, audience evaluation, and messaging framework that targetted the specific audience our client was aiming to reach. M4D suggested strategies to improve communications content and channels to attract key market segments.

M4D proposed messaging strategies for social media, newsletters, and articles, to engage the target audience and appeal to different emotional, value-driven, inspirational, and leadership based decision-making criteria. This would then increase new business leads and improve brand visibility.

The framework appealed to multiple market segments and would increase the audience’s understanding of the practice, and the type of work they do, to improve brand equity and champion the concept of “wholeness”.

As a result of this strategy and framework, our client has been successful in increasing their business leads, market visibility and brand equity, and can grow their business forward, with the right clients who understand the work of the practice.

The communications strategy is awesome! We have successfully been utilising the communications matrix and powerful client value propositions to reach and engage new prospective clients and win new work.


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